Mr Kris Kowalski

 Mr Kris Kowalski

Managing Director

Graduated from Warsaw University with degree of Master of Architecture and Engineering in 1982. 

Migrated to Australia in 1983, sponsored by the Australian government with the PhD scholarship from University of Queensland  for Architectural Design. 

Registered Architect since 1990. 

Prior to establishing Kris Kowalski Architects, Kris worked for international Australian firms and he has been a Senior Design Architect and Design Director for many prominent projects in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

Kris has over 30 years of experience in the architectural industry and has been involved in all aspects of architectural services.  Kris has been recognized for his design excellence and problem solving skills.  He leads the team at Kris Kowalski Architects for each project from conception to completion; in particular, he leads the design team, design development and maintains his involvement in the town planning stages of all projects. 

Mr. Kowalski is the founding director of Kris Kowalski Architects. The core of the philosophy implemented in his work is a true dialog and partnership with the client and all stake holders of the project to assure successful progression from the client’s set of objectives through the design process resulting in a successful business outcome. 

“Successful projects have to include not only fulfilment of our client’s commercial objectives, but also have to maintain all good principles and assure all critical outcomes addressing the community, environment and local authority expiations”.

In recognition of Kris Kowalski’s architectural excellence, he has served as a member of such prestige bodies as the Brisbane City Council IDAP (Independent Design Advisory Panel). 

Kris Kowalski Architects’ strength comes from strong leadership.  Kris is the driving force behind his team; motivating and managing the best outcome from the expert architects who are part of the Kris Kowalski Architects team.

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