Mr Santo Zumbo

 Mr Santo Zumbo

Senior Associate

Graduated March 1998 Brisbane, Queensland University of Technology – Bachelor of Architecture (Hons.). 

Registered Architect since 2000. 

Santo is a Senior Associate of Kris Kowalski Architects and he has been working in the industry for over 20 years, 15 of these years with Kris Kowalski Architects. He brings to the projects, knowledge of local building procurement methods, construction documentation and experience in office and project management. 

Santo has been recognised throughout the industry for his diligence, construction documentation, and working drawings excellence as well as his knowledge of building law, building materials and constructability issues.  Whilst with Kris Kowalski Architects, Santo has been the leading Project Architect responsible for construction documentation on all major projects. 

Santo’s introduction into the projects takes place during the Development Approval stage and he will be Kris Kowalski Architects documentation supervising associate in charge of delivering documents for building approval, tender and construction.

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